02. September - Landesverbandssiegerprüfung Niedersachsen


Hazel - 213 Punkte - G - 4. Platz (O 1)

Froop - 259,5 Punkte - V - 2. Platz (O 1) 



26./27. August - Englisches Obedience Turnier in Kerkwijk (NL)



26. August: 
Pre-Beginner: Hazel Training, Crazy 2. Platz & Froop 1. Platz

Beginners: Hazel 3. Platz & Crazy, 2. Platz 

 Novice: Froop Training


27. August:

Beginners: Crazy 4. Platz & Hazel 2. Platz (kein 1. Platz vergeben) 

Novice: Froop 3. Platz 


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Ausführliche Beurteilungen der Richter:     


 26. August:


Pre-Beginner (Rob Summerfield):


1st Mandy Korndofer with FROOP (Cardi Corgi) Lost 4.75
Really happy and attentive heelwork from this little character, plenty of drive on the circle leading to some forward work, with some crabbing evident on the HF. Mandy you went slightly off line here which lead to Froop going wide in places. Lovely fast recall, just some attention to presents and finishes required. Super team, well done on your win today!
Lost 1.25 HOL, 2.25 HF, 1.25 Rec


2nd Mandy Korndofer with CRAZY (Cardi Corgi) Lost 5.5
Not far behind his kennel mate today, just tending to work wide on the circle when his attention went which caused a tight lead now and again, and some drifting in HF. Another fast recall but again you need to get those presents and finishes tidied up Mandy. Well done, very good handling!
Lost 2.5 HOL, 2.25 HF, 0.75 Rec


Beginners (Sarah Connel):


2nd Place, Mandy Korndorfer with Crazy – Corgi, losing 6 ¾ points. Cracking attention by this lovely little Corgi who showed everyone you don’t need long legs to keep up ;) Great attitude from both dog and handler produced some lovely heelwork. Loss of position/wide working being the main issues but this little dog did his best and was a pleasure to judge. Recall and retrieve were done at a good smart pace with off centre presents in both exercises losing the odd point and anticipation on the finish on retrieve into a crooked sit causing another glitch. Another team who had a good weekend, well deserved.


3rd Place, Mandy Korndorfer with Hazel – Corgi, losing 9. This time saw Mandy with her little bitch. Seemingly less experienced than her kennel mate above, Hazel struggled to maintain her position throughout the heelwork test. She tried hard and was sympathetically handled by her Mum which was lovely. Recall and retrieve were again conducted at a smart pace with off centre presents/finishes taking the marks. Well done Mandy, I’m sure you will go on to do very well with such lovely handling.


27. August:


Beginners (Rob Summerfield):


2nd Mandy Korndorfer with HAZEL (Cardi Corgi)
Not really ready to win this class just yet, struggling a little with the heelwork pattern and not really applying herself to the set exercises. However Mandy's handling was very good and she tried hard to get the best out of Hazel today. Well done, no doubt she will improve over the winter.


4th Mandy Korndorfer with CRAZY (Cardi Corgi)
Could win this class quite easily with a little more attention to detail in the hw, not a million miles away from getting it all together. Unfortunately a broken sit stay put paid to any ideas of glory today! Well done, you had a good weekend with your little people!


Novice (Rob Summerfield):


3rd Mandy Korndorfer with FROOP (Cardi Corgi) Lost 11.75
Mandy and Froop had a jolly good stab at the Novice test, Froop's little legs going like pistons as he gamely tackled the round. A few too many errors in the heelwork today Mandy, but all credit to you for producing such happy little dogs who try their best. Very good set exercises, fast and keen with just crooked presents and finishes to mark. Well done again!
5.25 HOL, 5.25 HF, 0.75 Rec, 0.5 Ret


27. Mai- Obedience Turnier beim VFH Lindhorst


Hazel - 245 Punkte - SG - 1. Platz (O 1)

Froop - 215 Punkte - G - 2. Platz (O 1)


30. April- Obedience Turnier beim HSV Grasleben


Hazel - 300 Punkte - V - 2. Platz (Beginner) & 2. Tagessieger

Froop - 221 Punkte - G - 4. Platz (O 1)


19. März - Englisches Obedience Turnier in Walsrode


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