The first week:

Our puppies are born on 31 May. Hazel has been through the birth bravely and she takes very good care about her little ones. 

In their first days of life, the little ones do not much more than sleeping, drinking and squeaking. Even now it is a full-time job for us: cleaning litter box, taking care of Hazel, cleaning the litter box again, and so on ;-). Our favorite activity is,  of course, snuggling the puppies! We are touching and stroking our little ones from now on, so that they will not have a problem in having contact with people later.

On their 3rd day of life, we begin with some small exercises for neurological stimulation. These exercises are designed to acitvate the neurological system earlier than usual. This kind of early stimulation should effect that the puppy can better deal with difficult situations later.

Here you can see some pictures of the first days of life:

The second week:

All our treasures grow and thrive gorgeous. All of them have doubled their weight in the last few days at least.

The puppies are more active than in their first days of life. They try their first standings and steps and they rise their heads more and more often. It is fascinating to see how rapidly they develop.

Also the boys and girls have completed their first group shooting today. Have fun watching!

The development in the second week goes very fast. With each passing day the puppies are more agile. At 13.06. Ocean was the first puppy who saw the light of day. At 14.06. the eyes of Cinderella, Molly and Crazy have opened. At the remaining puppies you can already see small openings, so it can not take much time until they will open their eyes, too.
And I swear to you, with their eyes open, they are even cuter <3.


At the end of the second week the puppies have their weight more than doubled. They got their first deworming and we cut their clawsCutting their claws the puppies don´t like that much ;-).

The third week:

All our puppies have opened their eyes. Just Magic needs another day to open his eyes. Since I could not wait to show you how cute our dwarves look with their open eyes, I took again some photos of them:

The third week is really spectacular compared to the first two weeks: The puppies got their first worm treatment, they had their first litter control, they were allowed to move into the living room and they had their first meal with puppy milk from the bowl.

The little ones have become very agile and curious to explore their bigger puppy run. Here they get new visual and acoustic stimuli from us daily. Every day we change their run a little bit. We use blankets, PVC or newspapers as their undergrounds. We change the toys every few days and they get tubes and tunnels to pass through. The movements of the pups are still very clumsy, but they have been trying to bark and growl like the big ones;-). It's incredible to watch them having fun. In the living room they also get a number of acoustic stimuli, they will encounter in their daily lives again: television, radio, hairdryer, vacuum cleaner and so on.

In addition, the puppies had their first visitors. Philip's nephew was the youngest guest with his five years. He was very nice and careful with the little ones.

At the end of the third week Aerial and Ocean have a weight over 1 kg.

The fourth week:

The fourth week has begun and we will start it with a few photos from the puppies everyday life:

Today, at 25.06., the puppies were outside in our garden for the first time. For the beginning, it was only for a few minutes, but it was very exciting for them. The girls were still very cautious, the guys started with the first explorations immediately. Because of Crazys barking the neighbors knew pretty quickly that the puppies had their first garden visit today, too ;-). At the end, the puppies had a visit at Hazel's milk bar.

The fifth week

The development which has went through our dwarves in the last week is just amazing. All of them have become real small dogs <3. All puppies got their milk teeth, so we were able to switch from puppy mash to soaekd puppy food. The little ones are eating very much and are gaining more weight each day. They were also dewormed for the second time.

The puppies are more and more active. They interact much with each other and explore their environment curiuosly.

Meanwhile we also spend more time in our garden, which the band enjoys very much. Here are some new photos. Unfortunately Aerial is missing on the pictures. He was not very thrilled about the photoshoot ;-).

The sixth week

Some days we have suffered under the high temperatures of around 35 degrees. Even early in the morning and late in the evening it was too hot for the puppies in the garden. Most of the time of these days, they have slept inside in their run. Just as well during the two heat storms ;-).

Meanwhile it is finally cooler, so the little ones can go outside again. Here they have heard for the first time the hedge trimmer. They have to explore a tunnel, a ball pool, a fluttering curtain and various substrates.

The puppies are now getting four meals daily. In between, I give them little frozen balls of cream cheese, yogurt and a little bit of honey. They enjoy it during the heat.

The first dogs visit the dwarves had also. Border Collie Snickers, Labrador Satchmo and poodle Marley presented themselves as exemplary uncles.

Here are some photos of the puppies within the sixth week:

The Puppies have managed their first car drive! We first drove only a few hundred meters and than we parked on the street to watch passing cars, the bus, a moped and a truck. So exciting!

The seventh week:

I can not believe that our dwarfs are soon seven weeks old. So slowly they reach adulthood <3. Aerial has cracked the 3kg mark and his and Oceans (Ikarus) ears are already up. The two now look like real little Corgis ;-).

The puppies are driven car for the second time and they had their first walk on a leash. Granted, we just went up our entrance down to the street, but nevertheless this new situation was very exciting. Because I hardly manage to make new single pictures of the puppiesI will show you current pictures from the garden again:

The moving out

After the puppies have received their first vaccination and mastered the litter inspection with bravery, they are now ready for their departure.

The first puppy, which was leaving us, was Ikarus (Ocean), today at the 01.08.. In the afternoon, his brother Magic followed.

The third puppy, which was leaving us, was Wesly (Small), at the 03.08.. He stays some time with his guest family in Hannover, before he leaves to his new family in the near Munich at the beginning of September.

Shortly thereafter, his sister Winky (Cinderella) followed.

Robin Hood (Aerial) was picked up by his new owner at 05.08..

Emma (Mary) has left us to Nordrhein-Westfalen at the 09.08..

Berta (Molly) will leave us at the 14.09.. She will move to Riga, Latvia.

Crazy will stay with us.


In future, you will find new pictures and stories of our A-litter in the single galleries or in the news.