First week (02.04. - 08.04.)

Hazel was bred by Felek on Thursday, the 02. of April. 

Our trip to Warsaw was long and exhausting. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the time with Felek and his owner very much. The polish hospitality has touched me deeply.

Not many things are happening in the body of the female in the first week. The ovums are fertilized in the oviducts and after all they reach the cervix

Hazel's behavior has not changed in the first week. She snuggles up with us, wants to play a lot and is very willing to work. Our walks we structure as before mating. In the afternoon we continue our extensive rounds in the fields.
We train only at home or on our walks. From the second week Hazel can go with us to the dog place again. Climbing stairs or rough romping we avoid.

Hazel weighed 13.6 kg just before mating.

Second week (09.04. - 15.04.):

In the second week of the pregnancy, the ovums develop into so-called blastocysts. From now on we can speak of "embryo". At the end of the second week the embryos reach the uterus.

Hazel's behavior has not changed since the first week. She is still in a good mood and keeps well on our walks. Only the wearing of the harness and the five metre leash annoys her. In Niedersachsen we have leash duty during breeding and settling time of the wild animals from 01. April to 15. July. Hazel could renounce on it ;-). 

Our little girl was allowed to come with us to the dog place again and was motivated in Rally-Obedience as ever.

At the end of the second week Hazel weighed 14 kg.

Third week (16.04. - 22.04.):


On the 19th day of pregnancy, the blastocysts assess in the uterus wall and form embryonic bubbles. Each embryo has now it´s on place.

Since the 21st day, the 23.04.,  Hazel secretes mucus. This is a good sign that the mating might have worked. At the end of next week we will know it for sure.

I'm starting to get the impression that Hazel developes a listlessness on long walks. Also, the company of her otherwise so thick pals does not seem to enjoy her as much as usual. Because training means still a lot of fun for Hazel we are spending many time with clicker training. On our walks she is now allowed to determine the speed and to sniff as much as she likes.

Hazel's weight has not changed compared to the previous week.

Fourth week (23.04. - 29.04.):
From the 22nd day, the embryos are visible and their heart rate can be used to confirm a pregnancy. Because the protein intake should be slightly raised from this time, Hazel gets some quark into her daily food.
In the fourth week, the eyes and the nerve tracts from the spinal cord starting to form. The organ formation begins. Because there is a high risk for any defects in the puppies at this time, we pay special attention to Hazel.
But today the waiting has an end: After daily fear, hope and doubt, we got certainty at today´s ultrasound: Hazel is pregnant!

In the pictures we could see 5-6 small puppies. We are overjoyed!

Hazel will be protected and spared from now. We share our daily walks a litle bit different, because Hazel is not longer as active as before mating.

Hazel's current weight is 14.1 kg. The puppies are just as big as walnuts.

Fifth week (30.04 - 06.05.):

In the fifth week, toes, beard hairs and claws of the puppies begin to develop. The development of the organs is completed at the end of this week. Out of the former ovums, small dogs have become. Now the sex can be determined. The color of the puppies begin to develop.

Hazel's belly has become noticeably rounder and her teats are swollen and red. Hazel has an increased need for resting and she is enjoying every cuddle more extensively than usual.

In the first days of the fifth week she didn´t like to move much, because of her, at the ultrasound, shaved belly. Probably the short hairs pricked her.

At the end of the week Hazel is back in a good mood. She wants to play with us again and is pleased with regular training. On our walks she has a lower step right now and she seems to take things easy. Arriving home, she lays down in one of her dog baskets.

At the end of the fifth week Hazel weights 14.6 kg.


Sixth week (07.05.-13.05.):

The toes of the puppies are now spread, their claws are formed and their vibrissaes are recognizable. Under a stethoscope their heartbeat can be heard.

Hazels teats are still swelling on and the hair on her belly begin to fall out. With each passing day her belly gets noticeably rounder.

Hazel is looking more and more for very quiet places for sleeping. She is very cuddly and affectionate. At best she would spend the whole day in bed with us ;-).

Of course, we continue walking, so Hazel is also well muscled for giving birth. To compensate for the shorter walks, we spend a lot of time with clicker-tragining. Hazel has a lot of fun.

Hazels Corgi-fighting weight is 16 kg at the end of the week.

Seventh week (14.05.-20.05.):
The fur of the puppies is fully developed in the seventh week. But for that, Hazels hair on the belly has almost fall out completely ;-). The puppies are now about 10-12 cm tall.

A very special experience on 48th day: The first puppy movements are visible and tangible. We are spending every free minute with watching and petting Hazels belly to realize as many movements as possible. It is difficult, to put my feelings' into words <3.

Hazel prefers spending her time in our garden. She lies down on the lawn comfortably and enjoys the sun shining on her belly. On Monday we had our last Rally-Obedience lesson for the next weeks. Hazel will continue to gain weight every day and she can move from bad to worse. At the last session she was already very slow and quickly exhausted.


Our sweetheart doesn´t know how she should lay down with her big belly comfortable. We could have a pity. But all in all she is still in a good mood. When she hears the word "cookies" she is coming so quick like before mating ;-).

Hazels meals we divide into three parts now. She gets a large portion of raising food, quark and raspberry leaves as support for birth.

Hazel's weight is 17.3 kg.

P.S .: Just now, she is snoring at my feet <3

Eighth week (21.05.-27.05.):

The time has come: Hazel doesn´t like to do anything. She doesn´t  like to move anymore, she doesn´t lie some clicker training and she doesn´t want to eat. She is restless and she definately doesn´t know how to lay comfortable with that big baby belly no more. She breathes heavily and rests a lotOur walks are quite short and of course Froop and I are moving in Hazel´s pace. Is it too hot, Hazel prefers to stay home and is very satisfied with a trip into our garden.

Our moving into the puppy room was successful. Hazel sleeps in her whelping box. Everything we need for the birth is prepared. The puppies may come.

Hazel ´s weigth is now 18 kg.

Prenatal care (28.05.-?):

Hazel's stomach has become so thick that nothing more to eat will fit in. So I offer her portions of quark or yogurt, with creamed cheese, egg and honey a few times a day. Also I offer her puppy milk again and again.

Hazel doesn´t sleep very much, but she is resting for the most time of the day in her whelping box.

We are not going for a walk anymore. Hazel and I are moving through our garden a few times a dayI need a leash for her, because otherwise she would a nest under our firs ;-). We have a flowerbed I let her dig in a little bit.

Her belly has dropped, her temperature rose again after fallen down clearly. Some times she is digging in her whelping box, too. In the meantime, she is very affectionate. She breathes harder than the days before and she heckles some times. Hazel bases her hind legs on something to ease her belly.


We are excited, when the whelping will start