Our A-litter


Jipie, our puppies are born! On May 31, Hazel gave birth to 8 healthy puppies. We have three females and five males, all brindle coloured.


Puppy number 9, a female, has not managed to be born alive. We are very sad. But even such a thing belongs to the life of a breeder. Run free, little treasure.


Hazel is an incredibly balanced and friendly dog. She is very calm, friendly and outgoing with other dogs and humans. In summary: Hazel simply represents the typical Corgi charm.


The father of our first litter is Felek who lives in Poland and thrilled me from the first time I saw a photo of him.He is a very characteristic male,very successful at shows and achieved great results in though competition at World Dog Shows and Crufts.

When I met Felek in person in April 2013, I was even more thrilled about this dog. He is not only good looking but also his character is very nice: friendly, outgoing and just a charismatic clown.

Felek is already father of a few litters in Poland, Czech Republic and Norway. Some of his offspring is very successful at shows and some of them even have puppies. I hope very much that our puppies will develop similar great.


Both parents are X-rayed for HD and free. Felek is also x-rayed at ED. Again,the result is free of ED. The puppies are  PRA free. Hazel is DM free. Felek is DM carrier.There are no fluffy puppies in our litter, because Hazel is not a carrier of the long-hair gene.


I hope our puppies will develop to healthy, typical and agile Corgis who are very inquisitive and people oriented. I'm also hoping for young dogs that start with enthusiasm in the "adventure of life".


Of course, our puppies will be vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped and they will get papers of the club for British Sheepdogs (VDH /FCI). When they will move to their new families they also receive a small puppy package with leash, collar, a toy, a brush and an information pack.




Because we want to give our puppies the best possible start in their new lifes, a good socialization is very important for us.


The puppies live, as all our dogs,with us in the house. Therefore they will get to know many every day noises and a daily routine. When they will move to their new families they have heard and seen the vacuum cleaner, the washing machine, the blender and many more things.

In our garden there will be also a lot of things to discover. The puppies will hear and see the mower and the hedge trimmer also.


We try to enable as much positive contact with different people as possible for our puppies. These includes,for example,the elderly, the disabled and of course children.

For small excursions they will make their first experience with road users such as cyclists, cars, busses etc. We will take short trips by car, visit the veterinarian and watch other animals, such as cats and horses.


Our puppies are used in brushing, touching everywhere and we get used to the minthe first small steps of staying alone.


We hope that our puppies get the best start in life with her new families that way.


All our puppies of our A-litter have found their new homes.

If you are interested in a puppy of our breeding, please send me an e-mail info@yuvilee-corgis.de or call me at the number +495300-2323194. I will give further informations about our future breeding plans.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Mandy Korndörfer