Colors of the Welsh Corgi Cardigan


The breed standard of the Welsh Corgi Cardigan says: "Any color with or without white markings on the legs and chest is allowed. White should not dominate."


"Any color" at the Cardigan Welsh Corgi means exactly:

• tricolor

• brindle

• blue merle

• red

• sable


Colors like red-merle or chocolate brown are not allowed, because the nose of the Cardigan Corgi has to be black. Only the nose of merle dogs doesn´t need to be totally black pigmented. In case the nose still shows pink this is called a butterfly nose.


The required white markings extend mostly over the face, the neck, the chest, the stomach, the legs, the paws and at the tip of the tail. The white parts should not be more than 50 % overall.


The structure of the fur of the Cardigans outer coat is durable and water-repellent. The undercoat is soft and abundant. The hair length is short to medium.


There is an exception in the hair length, called Fluffy. Fluffies are long-haired Cardigan Corgis which are excluded from breeding.


For a better understanding, I will present you all colors in pictures:




The base color of a tricolor dog is black and white with red or brindle markings. The markings may be less pronounced. So it could be, that a tricolor Cardi seems to be just black and white at first sight.


Male with less markings


Waggerland Cape Cod, "James"

Female with pronounced brindle markings

Ginger from the wonderful Oz, "Muffin"

Female with red (tan) markings

"Amira" aus dem Feenring



The shade of brindle colored Cardigans can vary from a bright brindle, down to almost blackbrown brindle. At lighter brindle colored dogs, the brindle stripes are darker. At dark-brindle dogs it is accordingly reversed.


Red brindle male

Uszaki Falkor Luckdragon, "Felek"

Dark brindle female

Indigo Girl Indira von der Bockmühle, "Indira"

Blue merle


The basic color of the blue merle is a different light or dark shimmering silver blue with black markings all over the body.


A blue merle Cardigan can have red or brindle-colored markings, too. They are often pointed in their face or at the legs and all over the body.


Blue merle with red(tan) markings

Floatin´ Jumping Jewel, "Momo"

Blue merle male with brindle markings

Blatirans Fridtjof Frikadel, "Frosten"

Blue merle without markings

Cymraeg Ci Jetsetter, "Selmi"



The red colour in Cardigan Corgisc an show almost every shade of the red color. From bright, to almost yellowish tone over to a rich dark red.


Red male

Coloured Crown´s Awesome Henry, "Angus"

Dark red male

"Anderl" von Holledauer Bockerl

Bright red male

Waggerland Keep It Simple, "Kendel"



At a sable Cardigan Corgi the base color is red.The hair tips are colored black. In the face of a sable colored dog this creates a nice mask.


Male 1

Fest "Melin"

Male 2

Call me Champ Dummles, "Champ"

© Mandy Korndörfer, 2013




Finally, a big thank you to all Cardigan owners who were so kind to send me pictures of their dogs :-).

Thank you!