12. August - "Noah's Ark" Zoo Brunswick

Today we made a socialization trip with Crazy and Berta to the zoo. While Crazy boldly explored everything, Berta prefered watching all things from Philipp´s arm. Each puppy is just different and reacts differently to new stimuli.

25. July - A-litter

All our puppies have found a good home! They will leave us in the beginning of August. We are already a little bit sad about their moving ;-). The common time flies too fast.

29. June - Photoshoot

Today we got a visit from lovely Anna from Ridgipics (www.ridgipics.de) for taking pictures of our puppies. In the single galleries you can find all individual photos of the puppies :-).

17. June - Litter control

Today we attended the breed warden of the Club for British Sheepdogs, Bettina Weller, for the first litter control of our dwarves. To make herself popular, Ms. Weller gave Hazel many biscuits before she looked after our puppies. The breed wardens pay particular attention on the equipment of the kennel, the cleanliness and the healthiness of puppies and bitchFurthermore they check whether the navel and the palate of the puppies are fine. At the end Mrs. Weller had absolutely nothing to complain about. All puppies are doing well and our kennel was exemplary. This makes us very proud. At the end, it is in our report: loving breeding. Honestly? That goes down like oil!

At the end of the day, the dwarves are finally moved into the living room, where they have more space. More you can find in our puppie´s diary.

Our puppy run during the third week (with a devise for an easy entry for Hazel).

15. June - Back on the road

Today Hazel hazel wanted to go for a walk with us for the first time again. Our mom is thrilled to be with us again. Froop and I are very happy that she is in on it again, too ;-) .

14. June - New Friend

The first puppies have opened their eyes. From now on they will be stimulated visually. We start small, with a new friend, a small giraffe. Gradually, new toys and other items will be added, so that our puppies will be accustomed to the big wide world optical slowly.

06. June - Puppy names


We have thought long and hard about the names of our puppies. Should it be an english or a german name? Long or short? The idea to choose a theme for the names of all our litters we had quite quickly. But what topic? Movies, books, series? Finally, we decided on a theme, which suits us and accompanies us in our daily life: music. Each puppy from our kennel gets a song title as his name. And to make it even more personal, we will select lyrics from the two music genres that accompany us in our everyday life: rock and metal music. In this sense we have chosen the name of our "A"s today. Have fun browsing.

31. May - Our puppies are born!

Today, our long-awaited A-litter has arrived. Not very colorful and no Seven Dwarfs as we have expected ;-). Hazel gave us eight brindle-colored, strong puppies. There are three females and five males. Hazel and the puppies are doing well. More photos will follow the coming days.

30. May - Yuvilee collars


Look what nice surprise we get today. Aren´t they beautiful? Thank you Anna (http://www.beridge.com/) for these wonderful collars <3.

27. May - Seven dwarfs

The x-ray photpgraph shows: Hazel will give birth to seven puppies in a few days. We call them lovely "The seven dwarfs". The closer the date of birth, the more excited we are. Hopefully everything goes well!

25. May - Puppy collars


Today I made a selection of puppy collars. So each of our little "A" 's can left to his new home top styled in a few weeks ;-).

12. May - Business cards


Today our "Yuvilee"-business cards have arrived. Aren´t they beautiful?

30. April - Ultrasound 

Today we got the long awaited confirmation: Hazel is pregnant! We could see 5-6 small puppies on the ultrasound. It was an amazing experience to see the little hearts beating. Our A-litter will be born around the 1st of June. Here is the first photo of our little ones:

23. April - Dumbbell-madness


An exercise in Obedience is the retrieving. In the lower classes at ground level, and later with jumping over a hurdle. In the Novice class, it is still allowed to use your own dumbbells, but later the dumbbell are provided by the organizer. So it makes sense to make the dog familiar with many different dumbbells. From Class 3 (2016 Class 2), the dogs must bring a metal dumbbell .

Over months of training various dumbbell models have accumulated. How many actually, I was quite surprised *lol*.

14./15. April - Workshop with Günther Bloch


I have looked forward on this workshop for a really long time. Finally, I had managed to get a place at the workshop with the wolf and dog explorer Günther Bloch. Günther Bloch has written several books and articles about the behavior of wolves and dogs and for me he is an eminent authority in cynology. Since Günther Bloch lived in Canada since 2010, workshops in Germany are naturally popular. Therefore my journey was rather long with three and a half hours on the highway, to Alpen in the Ruhrgebiet. The exciting topic of the workshop was "group management, communication and personality assessment" and was worth every kilometer I had do drive.
Of course I insisted on a photo ;-).

03. April - Warsaw


A long trip is behind us. We moved 1600 km in a few days, accompanied by wind, rain and snow. But proudly we could announce, that Hazel was bred by Felek on the 02. of April :-).

In a few weeks we will know, If we expect puppies by Hazel and Felek in early June.

Unfortunately we couldn´t make any pictures, because of the bad weather. So here is an old one of our sweet couple :-).

Hazel & Felek in April 2013

23. March - At the vet


Hazel had her first visit at the vet today :-). Now we have to wait for the "right time" ;-).

08. February - Facebook


We have our own Facebook group right now! Please feel free to join our group "Kennel Yuvilee" for getting more current updates of our kennel activities.

08. February - Training


And what are we doing with our free time? Because my training motivation is finally back, we spend many time with Obedience training. For now we train two times a week, we planned some workshops in Obedience and I hope we will join our first competitions this year, too. I hope my motivation will not gone away again so fast ;-).

08. February - Late New Year Greetings

At this point I would like to wish all our visitors of our website a Happy New Year 2015. Unfortunately a little late, yes. But what is it called? - Better late than never! In recent weeks we have been working so much on our new home, that we didn´t have left any time for updating our website. But finally we completed most of the renovation of our new home. The puppy room is ready, equipped with our whelping box, for the long-awaited kennel check. If we took this last hurdlethere will nothing be wrong with our A-litter plannings for this march. As soon as we have more information, we will publish it here. We promise!

Hazel & Froop in january 2015

 Merry merry X-mas to you all!

23. November - Last autumn walk


Indeed, the winter will not begin until the 22. of December, but the missing golden leaves and the cold temperature make me feel: the winter has already began. I am so glad Anna made a last autumn shot of my beautiful girls today.



13. November - Three years


Three days old on the picture, three years old today. My little Froop turned from a little Derwish to my soulmate. Thank you so much for all those good experiences I made with you <3.

10. October - New teeth


Found these teeth on a gas station today. Had to buy it and made a photo immediately ;-). Doesn´t Hazel look good with it?

21. September - Happy Birthday Hazel


Our sweet girl Hazel turned 4 years old today. Congratulations sweet dear!

20. August - First  impressions


Here you see some first pictures of our new home :-).

20. August - Construction site


Maybe you where wondering, why it was so quiet around our homepage the past weeks. The reason is our new house, we finally found after a long search. We went back to our hometown Salzgitter and we are now living between fields and a big ship canal.

Because we have to renovate the whole house, it will be stay still quiet for the next few weeks. But I promise, after this you will get many informations about the Corgi-life and indeed many pictures of our excursions again :-).


A short view on a part of our construction site:

21. June - Hazel sleeping


I have to show you this sweet picture of Hazel sleeping with her tongue outside. Isn´t it funny? Do your Corgis sleep like this sometimes, too?

17. May - German Champion


Today Froop received her last CAC for the German Champion (Club). The certificate has already arrived :-).



20. February - Come on, wake up!

Yes, finally the time has come: the Yuvilee website has awakened from it´s hibernation :-).
We look forward seeing you again on our website in 2014.
Also in this year we will present you again our activities and many pictures of our experiences.
We hope you'll enjoy it!
Greetings Mandy & the Corgis.

28. December - End of 2013

Now 2013 is almost over and we have enjoyed many long walks alone and with friends at the time when no more workshops  and exhibitions where planned. In most cases we had anything but a good photo weather, so we can not show new photos from our last trips.

A few pictures from a nice walk with Anna and her Ridgeback´s Kratos & Wally you will find in the following slideshow. Many thanks to Anna (www.fotosie.com) for the great photos.

We hope we will meet you on our website again next year. Because one fact is certain: 2014 will be an exciting and active year with many many nice trips and experiences :-).

So we wish you and your loved ones a Happy New Year!

Philipp, Mandy, Hazel and Froop



24. December - Christmas greetings

Graphic: Janett Bloi

24. November - Jonci


Have you ever met Miss Jones? No?

So I am very glad to introduce to you our new "member of the pack" Miss Jones, Jonci :-).

This sweet blue merle girl was born in the dutch kennel "Floatin´" and supports now her new sister Paula and her family since a few weeks. Hazel and Froop are very excited about their new friend.

Welcome little girl!


14. October - Health check


We are so glad about the health results of our Froop! She is PRA free and has "A" hips (FCI).