Crazy from our A-litter and me in June 2015

                   About myself
When I move in my own apartment I made my childhood dream come true: to own a dog! Not any, it should be a herding dog. My choice fell on the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, because what is more fascinating than the combination of short legs and big ears? But behind the seemingly sweet façade you find an internally big, bold and reliable companion.
In September 2010, I was finally able to close my arms around Hazel after an intensive research and many conversations with breeders. In January 2012, Froop, who comes from an internationally renowned kennel in the Netherlands, followed.
Not only the Corgis and Corgi scene in particular, but dogs and their behavior in general fascinate me very much. 
Because of that I regularly visit workshops to learn more about how to deal with dogs and about their behavior.
What else can I mention about myself? I was born in 1987 and live with my boyfriend, who lovingly supported me in my passion for dogs, in beautiful Niedersachsen. We are currently renovating our new home, so I can realize my dream soon, the Corgi breeding.
I am happy to answer your questions, simply use the contact form on my website.